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Collagen Supplements Menu. Of course, girls want a smooth, clear and youthful face. causing them to rely on surgery or to buy collagen supplement Both collagen powder and collagen tablets are expensive. But did you know that collagen can be obtained from Healthy food that you are familiar with. Guarantee that it’s safe. No worries. It is the best collagen in the world. presents how to make collagen supplements. Most of which are food menus that are eaten on a regular basis already. But who knows if there is collagen in it? I want to know what food there is. Let’s follow Collagen Supplements Menu.

1. Soybeans

     housewives or butlers who like to cook soy or soy products. including drinking soy milk In addition to getting protein to fill your stomach, it also helps build collagen as well. Because in soybeans, there is Genistein that contributes to firming skin, reducing crow’s feet marks. Let’s look at the menu from สมัคร ufabet soybeans.

2. Green leafy vegetables

     As we know, green leafy vegetables are valuable from vitamins. and help in excretion But did you know that there are substances that help in the formation of collagen? And help strengthen skin cells as well, such as kale, spinach, cabbage and asparagus. Anyone whose stomach starts to cry, let’s write down the recipe.

3. Nuts:

Chew nuts, but get collagen, such as peanuts, soybeans, peas, because beans contain hyaluronic acid that helps to reduce wrinkles. Makes the skin smooth and clear as well. In addition to eating baked or fried, it can also be used to make a menu as well.

4. Vegetables – red fruits

     Anyone who likes to eat red fruits and vegetables can say that they are high in lycopene that helps stimulate the body to produce collagen. It also contains antioxidants that protect the skin from UV rays as well, such as watermelon, beetroot, tomato, papaya, orange, gac, red bell pepper, carrot, etc. Let’s try healthy food. Prepare a paper and a pen to write here.

5. Vitamin C

     Many people may wonder what vitamins have to do with collagen. Let’s say that Vitamin C is a collagen builder. This will make the skin bounce firm. Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits such as oranges, lemons, guavas, or strawberries. If you don’t want to eat fresh, you can transform into food as well. Here’s an example.